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Art from the Heart - Landscape Planter

Art from the Heart - Landscape Planter

Introducing our "Art from the Heart" series.

These planters haven't been painted.

Layered carefully over a 4 hour period to ensure that each layer is poured at the correct interval so that adjacent layers hold on to each other, and blend just enough to give its characteristic finish.

That is what results in these abstract art planters.


In fact, the beauty of this technique is that the eventual finish depends entirely on the flow of the cement. Which means that even if we want to replicate a piece, we will not be able to do it. Each planter is going to be significantly different in design from the other ones in this series.


Keep them as a set, side by side. They will transform your space in a unique way.

Our take on abstracts. For your home.



    17cm approx. in diameter and 13.5cm approx. in height 


    Products, damaged while shipping will be replaced free of cost, if we are notified within 2 days of delivery.


    Price inclusive of shipping costs.

PriceFrom ₹2,500.00
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