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Well, everything!

When we started out to find our name, we wanted it to embody everything about our work.

Jyamiti, the Bengali word for Geometry, represents the shapes, lines, angles, arcs and the engineering involved in our work. Sea, represents the shapelessness, abstracts, fluidity, softness and limitlessness. And of course, our love for our home state, Goa. In unison, they represent a whimsical concept, the non-conformist designs, we have set out to create.

We aim to provide you with quality terrazzo solutions for your home or commercial projects - flooring, wall finishes, customized tabletops and counter tops. If you are looking for contemporary home decor, then we believe you will find quite a few options in our online shop too.

Take a look around. We are hopeful and somewhat confident, that you will like what you see.


Alila Diwa, Goa

Hangover, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

The Den Lounge, Goa

The Southern Deck, Goa

Vianaar, Goa

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