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We are an artisanal brand with capabilities and expertise with Custom Terrazzo Tabletops, countertops and slabs and also Concrete Flooring and Wall Finishes with Terrazzo and IPS. We are inspired by the nostalgia that old cement floors from our childhood evoke.


The brand is founded by Soumak Mukhopadhyay, an IT engineer turned photographer who during the Covid-19 lockdown found a new passion in making concrete home decor products. A Bengali, born and brought up in Kolkata, he worked for almost a decade with Infosys in Bangalore and in Switzerland - Lugano and Basel - before deciding in 2013 to follow his passion in photography, full time.

He has been joined by Anurag Kumar, also an IT consultant, with a passion for handmade artifacts. 


Through the designs of our products, we want to change the concept of concrete as a cold, dull and hard substance into that of a medium that can have soft designs as well as have a colourful and cheerful vibe to it.

We are currently a talented team of twelve artisans with our production facilities in Goa and Bengaluru. 



Soumak Mukhopadhyay - Founder, Jyamiti & Sea

Jyamiti & Sea is a brand serviced by the following units:

Goa Operations:

Forests & Sea LLP

Azores B, 101, Mathias Ocean Park,

Dona Paula, Tiswadi

North Goa 403004


Bangalore Operations:


Godrej Air & Air NXT,

E803, Hoodi Main Road,

Bengaluru: 560048


None of our products are painted. We colour the concrete itself with oxide pigments before pouring and setting using different techniques, depending on the end result we want to achieve.

That is what gives the pieces the distinct blending of colours, making each piece truly unique. 

What's more? Due to this process, the piece that comes out is always a little bit of a surprise even for us, as it's always a little different than how we imagined it would be. The colours get mixed while setting to create the beautiful patterns you see.


Proper care and a wipe with a damp cloth once in a while will ensure that the pieces develop their character across years. 

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